1st International Days

Science Art Meditation 2018

The first meetings SAM Now! took place from June 29 to July 1, 2018, at the Palace of Music and Congresses of Strasbourg.

Science allows us to apprehend the world in its rational aspects, thanks to our conceptual intelligence.

Art, in its emotional aspects thanks to our intuitive intelligence.

These two ways of being in the world can be explored and unified in Meditation, whose practice is beginning to have a major impact on society as a whole.

SAM, international days Science Art Meditation, wants to be at the crossroads of these 3 worlds.

The Speakers of SAM 2018

The speakers, lecturers, scientists, artists are each, in their fields, renowned experts, having as a common point an experience of meditative practices.

Sylvie Guillem

Jon Kabat Zinn

Susanne Abbuehl

Martine Batchelor

Delphine Batho

Audrey Berté

Benoît Billot

Michel Bitbol

Gonzague de Blignières

Jean-Gérard Bloch

Guido Bondolfi

Gaël Chételat

Benoît Corboz

Marion Cotillard

Aurélie Godefroy

Perla Kaliman

Jean-Philippe Lachaux

Caroline Lachowsky

Frédéric Lopez

Antoine Lutz

Guibert del Marmol

Elisabeth Marshall

Soizic Michelot

Guillaume Néry

Luc Petton

Matthieu Ricard

Amandine Roche

Pacôme Rupin

Steve Shehan

Jean Sibilia

Marc de Smedt

Erik Truffaz

The SAM 2018 Program

Through its original architecture of scientific and societal debates, punctuated by artistic programming and interaction with the public, meditation is the core focus. On themes such as philosophy, history, business, education, health, or science, the reflection is built from lived experiences, feeling and emotions, inspired by meditation and art.


Opening Night


Steve Shehan, World Music


Workshop : from Meditation to Art
Wisdom Traditions
Susanne Abbuehl Trio, vocal poetry
Mindful society
Erik Truffaz et Benoît Corboz duo, concert
Science and conscience
Luc Petton, danse
Guillaume Néry,  Freediving journey
Health Body and Soul
Jon Kabat-Zinn, conference

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