Luc Petton

Luc Petton

Artist – Choreographer

Luc Petton is an atypical artist, who began his career with Martial Arts before turning to dance and choreography, training mainly in the United States and Germany.

Since 2004, Luc explores a stage dialogue between birds set free and dancers. He created four incredible pieces from this concept: The Confidence of the Birds, with pies, jays, crows and starlings, SWAN, with white and black swans, Light Bird with cranes of Manchuria, and currently, Thus the Night with owls, a wolf and a vulture.

With these projects, he discovered and put into practice the idea of “let be”, not to abandon or ignore but to return to one’s freedom… to renounce ownership over things and human beings.

The originality of his approach earned him the distinction of Officer of the Arts and Letters(France).

Simultaneously, Luc has always been interested in contemplative science, Zen, and Vipassana. He attended retreats in France, the United States and Japan and trained in Mindfulness with Dr Jean-Gérard Bloch.

He is currently developing Mindfulness/Sensitive Body, a training dedicated to artists: creativity as a test of oneself, movement as a test of stillness, imagination as a test of no image…

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