Sylvie Guillem

Sylvie Guillem


One of the most acclaimed dancers of her generation, she became the Paris Opera Ballet’s youngest-ever étoile promoted by company’s Artistic Director Rudolf Nureyev.

As Principal Guest Artist, she won worldwide renown for her performances with London Royal Ballet, and companies around the world.

She forged rich creative relationships with world’s leading contemporary choreographers and directors, including Maurice Béjart, William Forsythe, Mats Ek, Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant and Robert Lepage.

She works extensively as an ecological activist and sits on the advisory board of the charity Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, dedicated to protecting ocean wildlife.

“Discipline is not a straitjacket but paradoxically a setting for a bigger freedom.

A “medication” that we willingly take, regularly, to free ourselves as much as possible from the constraints of doubt.

For 36 years, 98% of the mornings and about 25% of the evenings, I was practicing this refocus… this form of meditation… this discipline… without realizing it.

Beside the physical training, it is also an essential mental preparation.

Because the true moment, or to be more precise, the TRUE moment, happens on stage.

And more is the moment free from doubt and questioning, greater is our chance to touch harmony.”

Sylvie Guillem

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